Updated: Jan 18

Well, hello there chum!

You made it this far so we’re gonna hedge our bets that you already know a good deal of what we’re about. ...But we’ll elaborate.

We took over this ship Dec 2017 so you may have spotted the new crew. Share some Newman love and say hi to Isaac & Jahnay - they're new to Newman but have great things planned for the place. Although we are relatively new to the bar & grill game, we’ve hired the best staff we can find added an arsenal of fantastic suppliers and with the delicious concoctions that are coming out of the kitchen, you would hardly even realise (check out trip advisor if in doubt).

It's casual down here, the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and there’s no pressure. The music is good, the booze is better and the food is something else entirely.

We’re not a huge place, so when it's busy our kitchen may take a little bit longer than you would like. But like all good things, it will be worth the wait. We don’t want to rush your food. Each plate that goes out to you has the same amount of attention paid to it as the last, regardless of if it’s busy or if it’s quiet

We don’t believe in shortcuts here at Capricorn Bar & Grill and you shouldn’t either so why settle for anything less than the best. We see you slowly nodding there.

“Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.”

If you have an occasion coming up - we've got you covered. We cater for birthdays, work do’s, first dates, 2nd dates and all the way through to last dates, break up drinks, make up drinks, holidays, coffee breaks, lunch gatherings, business meetings, escaping from the office for a drink or two to make Mondays more bearable (you were thinking about it anyway), escaping from the office early on Fridays to kick start your weekends right, wakes, christenings, job promotions, job resignations and those awful redundancies, long weekends and long weeks.

Give our new crew a call an we will make sure its a night to remember! We can even arrange your designated driver in the form of our bus - trust us though we have done it up recently so no break downs on our watch!