Our new menu kicks off tonight and we are super hyped! We thought we give you the lowdown on what inspired our Head Chef Kirsten and Bar Manager Isaac when creating the menu and why we think you will love it.

Isaac & Kirsten

‘’Lets be honest, geography & logistics plays a big part in everything we do here at the Cappy. We are in the middle of the desert so anyone coming here has already made a huge effort and what can I say… we are a loving bunch, so we want to give something back. That’s why we didn’t opt for the standard pub regulars.

We knew the food needs to be good, so does the experience and so often that’s about sharing. How many times have you said to a friend “you gotta try this”. The new meals are served on a platter and totally geared towards interaction, sharing and constructing the platter to your taste. Add a delicious sauce, add as many sides as you want …the choice is yours, rather than us deciding for you. They all work well together so you can’t go wrong. ‘’ – Isaac, Bar Manager

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‘’We are all about flavor. All of our steaks are sourced in WA, we get fresh ingredients delivered twice per week from Perth and our sauces are all made fresh in-house.

The menu is deconstructed, so you get to choose in the combination and it’s all served on a platter with side plates. So, you can nibble and share each item or have it all to yourself. We made sure all the options work well in combination with each other to deliver maximum flavor. We don’t think it will disappoint.

We do have a focus on meat, but also we have a large range of tasty vegetable dishes to satisfy any vegetarian hunger. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements so we may help you choose – not all ingredients are listed on the menu.’’ – Kirsten, Head Chef

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