• MENU LAUNCH 2020
    MENU LAUNCH 2020
    17 Mar 2020, 11:00 am
    Capricorn Bar And Grill, Lot 10 Great Northern Hwy, Newman WA 6753, Australia
    There is a delicious NEW Menu launching soon, with a selection of tasty burgers, meatless meals, pizza's, including your BBQ steaks and favourites... Book your table to try the highly anticipated menu that will launch on March 17, 2020 at the Capricorn Bar & Grill.

Meat…we love meat. Yes tender meat, lovingly stuffed between buns, slathered in mouth watering marinades or served up fightin’ on their own with a choice of side support acts. 


So, what’s a good food without good drink to accompany it? Half arsed. 

Fear not -that’s not how we run things down here at Capricorn Bar & Grill. We’ve got all the classic beers wines and spirits - because you can’t argue with those.


We cater for boys nights, girls nights, birthdays, wakes, baby showers, first dates, 2nd dates, break up drinks, work do’s, promotions, resignations, redundancies, or escaping from the office drinks, hump days, kick start the weekend, long weekends and those occasions when there is no reason.